One Of Those Days

Its one of those days where I just want to eat a whole chocolate cake or a bucket of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice-cream, while I watch Oprah’s farewell episode and then crawl into bed and sleep for 12 hours.

Here the challenge is to understand what is really going on, what am I making up, what part of all of this is make-belief, suffery stuff and what do I really need to address.

So, as you can see, it’s a busy task and I don’t have time to eat a bucket of ice cream or a chocolate cake and go to sleep, I need to sort my thoughts and feelings and aligns them with my goals.

My Small Daily Goal

I just found an amazing blog post. The post was in a blog called The Talent Code.  Today on my coach’s Facebook page, I found the link to his most recent post: The Power of Small Things. 

I loved it. It hit really close to home with one of the goals I struggle with the most, money. As one of my earlier post points out, I suck with money. And I have some big amounts to gather this year and can’t see how I am EVER going to reach them. Thanks to this article, I will start a special daily project, it’s going to be called my Small Daily Goal. I am still not sure if I will share it in my daily blog posts, or in my agenda or on my Twitter account, but I think this will be a great exercise.

This will be a great addition to an already amazing goals program that I learnt while being a coach for Executive Success Programs. Thanks to this goal program, I have been able to lose weight, start doing triathlon and be more mindful with my actions. Will doing this bring me closer to my goal? Will spending money on this, bring me closer to my goal? Will taking this course, bring me closer to my goal?

I guess you have different tools in life, books, blog posts, courses, advise from friends and family. It’s all a matter of if you use these tools or not.

My first daily small goal: not buying any more sports gear today. Have some money left in my account, but need it for something else. And all day I have browsed athletics gear webpage. So the goal will be to not spend that money.

Where do you think this tip may help you? What goal do you struggle with?

I need something sweet

How many times have you been trying to be on a diet and have found yourself saying:        “I need something sweet”?

As if something sweet was as indispensable as a glass of water in the middle of the desert or a bite to eat after four days of being stranded in the top of a cliff?

I know about it. I know how it feels to think that eating something is a better idea, than sitting with that awful feeling in your gut that you might actually die, unless you put the fire out with something that is completely unnecessary!

I have made a small list of “notes to self” that have helped me fight the “I need something sweet” battle.  Hope they help you as much as they have helped me.

  1. Come to terms that you will NEVER need something sweet ever again. It’s a lie you tell yourself to justify eating something unnecessary.
  2. Also come to terms with the fact that you might not ever be comfortable again. That you will uphold your body and health NO MATTER WHAT!
  3. When you find yourself saying that  you “need something sweet”, brush your teeth or put on really glossy, thick, minty lip gloss.
  4. If after doing these things, you still find yourself putting into your mouth that one cookie, that seems harmful, tell YOURSELF the truth. Something like “I don’t need it, but I don’t have any will power and I rather be fat, than stay uncomfortable for one more minute”.
  5. Start with baby steps. One baby step I took 6 years ago: Take away all sweet drinks from your diet and change it for water. As of today, I only drink water, sparkling water, herbal tea and skimmed milk. I did not change anything else in my diet and I saw amazing results.
  6. If you are going to drink alcohol, mix it with sparkling water and lemon juice.
  7. If you are going to drink fruit juices, make them fresh and never after protein.
  8. Stay away from any foods that have numbers as ingredients.
  9. Last but not least, be compassionate with yourself. Understand that being compassionate with yourself is not always feeding your body what it wants, when it wants. Also be compassionate and honest with yourself when you fail. Recognizing your weak moments will only make you stronger and more honest. (thank you ESP for helping me understand this).
  10. Here are some of my earlier post about my struggle with food and diet. Hope they help. Post about no sugar diet, After Liver Detox Diet, My vending Machine StruggleResponsibility that comes with reaching your goals.

Blogging ideas

Since the day I decided to invest money in my blog, I have not stopped thinking on ideas for it. Looking at cool blogs,  cool photos, and evaluating how much would I be willing to spend, or do to make it better. It’s probably the most entrepreneur thing I have done in my life, so it’s very special and important for me.

I feel I would like some cool photos of myself and the place where I live. Photos that represent what is most important for me, sport, health, family, helping others and human potential. I would also like to get some web design advise, since I am not sure this template will be what I want.

These are some of the webpages I have turned to for inspiration:


So thank you beautiful girls!


Welcome to www.nataliaalbert.com

Amazing photo of this beautiful country

Part two of 2012

How exciting! After weeks of thinking about it, I moved. I had been for the past 17 months in blogspot.com, using a free blog page. Today I decided to give it an upgrade. Considering how much I love to write and how much of an amazing part of my life blogging has become, this seemed like the natural evolution of this project.

The only unfortunate thing is that I lost my stats. I left www.natalia1albert.blogspot.com with 7,431 hits. and here I start from 0. But I guess I can always keep these numbers in mind.

Another thing I did today was helping my mom with her blog. She is such an amazing women, mother, wife and human being. She is my biggest inspiration and my best role model. Please find the link to her blog, its amazing: www.

One last update on whats going on in my life, after my first full triathlon on Sunday, then a 1500 meter swim and a 5km run on Wednesday and Oxfam Trail Walk over the weekend, my body, mind and heart are in some sort of athletic blues mode (is this normal? does this happen? or is it just me?).

I am also getting ready to apply for my residency in NZ and that generates lots of uncertainty, nervous, excitement, among other things. As well as starting to help my mom pack, because she will be moving to Africa in four months (which seems like a long time, but I am starting to freak out) Plus your normal struggles at work, it all sounds like the second part of 2012 is about to begin and I am just getting ready to hit it hard!
Today I want to sleep, rest and calm down, be with myself. Sometimes I need to understand that I will be ok and for that I need to spend some time alone.

Two days to go!

Wrote an entire article for my blogg today and dint like it at the end. So here goes a short one, some pullet points of what is going on in my life:

  • Two more days until my Oxfam Trail Walk. So excited, nervous, happy, cant wait!
  • Still no sugar, been holding up pretty good.
  • New workout plan for April, May and June from my coach! Super exciting, new races, programs, group runs and more women cycling on Saturdays!
  • Going to go see two show of the New Zealand Comedy Festival, how awesome is that?
  • About to finish putting together my residency application. Tuesday last meeting with lawyers, hopefully can get it in next week.
  • Madly in love with Mike
  • Very grateful for my mothers presence in my life
  • Work is challenging and uncomfortable, which makes it a great experience :)
  • Filled with love and enthusiasm for my life.
Much love to everyone